Immerse in the path of enlightenment
Guru’s guidance in the path of enlightenment is like mother’s signature on your fingers, you learnt walking holding hers.

The supreme omnipresent energy, the God, is beyond science and logic. It is the universal consciousness of a feeling, a sensation of the presence of almighty. The consciousness grants us realization that each of us has divine grace beyond the norms we understand. Always we pass thru moments of examination in this world of individual and collective life forcing us into whirl of uncertainties, sadness, desperation and misunderstandings; most of our decisions become incoherent and inconsistent. Yet we disregard our inborn abilities, being not acceptable to our restricted selves.

Belief and total submission opens overwhelming reverence of sublime beauty of the presence of almighty, and the power bestowed in us. There is nothing fascinating to be in depths of emotional disturbance. You cannot control or stop the world around you. Better instead, be with the moment, control your mind and stay with it, nothing to the past of this instant and nothing farther along. You will soon realize there is nothing outside ‘now’. There will be no confusion, no conflict, whatever botherations are, are internal. This intoxicating moment is freedom, the bliss, and the love, persisting forever.

Were it conceivable by self evolving, everyone would have, but it isn’t that. You need true spiritual guide, the Guru, the holy soul, to lead you through the path. Most often than not, swinging between belief and disbelief, we set our feet on two boats. But, be reminded, no logic or science apply to the existence of cosmic energy which flows out only from universal consciousness. 

Some may carry impression that spirituality, the path of enlightenment, through sadhana (meditation) is all oriental; by and large Indian philosophy, hence not suitable to the western way of life. As such the path may be imagined unrealistic, hence a misfit. The universal consciousness and love know no boundaries, meaning same to every individual in the universe, whatever the culture and the belief is. In spirituality there is no western, no eastern; it is only human.

The prime message Maa Shree conveys is love, evoking warm emotion and devotion aimed at unification of souls. Under her divine shelter, many have smoothened their lives making it delightedly peaceful and live well, why not many others? Have no doubts in your mind; it is only for your benefit; no dime, but what you need to spend is a little time for yourself. Merely go through the discourses of Maa Shree (replaced with different ones from time to time) as also meditate, and recite the mantra (hymn) correctly, if you can (for our humble guidance, please check the contact numbers). Start, and try for a month at least, feel the difference.

The communication is dedicated to the well-being of mankind for the greatest satisfaction of the soul and to alleviate sufferings.  However, in case you ever feel an internal urge to be a part of Uttaran, we extend our impassioned invitation to you to be in touch. We welcome all with open heart to enjoy the solace, the tranquility, to a blissful life under the divine grace of Maa Shree.