“Be a lamp to enlighten many souls, spread the truth to many to pass on the benefits”………Maa Shree

From the very childhood a search was on inside me..... A search for love...., a search for good hearts....., a search for the perfect person. Hopes led to hopelessness and frustration. There were times when my life had lost its worth. The pangs of the past outweighed me. Only prayer I was left with was ‘Let my path be easy’. I met HER in the midst of all this.

Little did I realize before, that it was she who could mend my tattered soul.

It was 16th October, 2006 when I got a chance to sing at a spiritual discourse. When the song was over, the Great Soul called me forth.....many questions came up with tears in my eyes. I asked her how to forget the past. In soothing voice she answered, "Leave your sufferings here, there will be none beyond this doorway". I had tried earlier of my own, but had failed. That day was different; I felt my mind empty since I had surrendered all my pain at her feet. As she was leaving, something resonated inside me…..’How can I find the Guru? One who touches the soul, one for whom there is yearning every moment ……is your Guru. So was it.

Many experiences have followed. I never took Diksha (sanctification), I got it. The sanctification is not the discipleship that one can seek; the essence of sanctification is in getting it. The acquaintance with my Guru at the right time of life  has made my life worthy. In her physical proximity I forget everything……..even myself. Guru is not a person; Guru is energy, Guru is the flow of consciousness. It is this energy that gives me protection at all time. Today, there are no expectations…everything is Her will and Her wish. Maa Shree is my Guru. By her grace, I've realized that Buddha, Chaitanya, Christ, Mohammad, Ramakrishna, were all part of the flow of consciousness.

I have learnt to live every moment of my life. She is my guide to a peaceful inward journey. Through meditation, my Guru has made me understand the language of Parmatma (Almighty), the language that has only radiant energy and vibration. To me, ‘She’ is Kalpataru (wish-yielding tree).

My solemn prostration to the medium of Truth, Love and Purity who drove away all my pains and sufferings……..Maa Shree, I bow down to you again and again.

Kolkata, India