HIGHLIGHT of 2 April 2020 Sri Ram Navami Discourse on 23 April 2020, Thursday at 8:00 pm.

'Uttaran' is progress; it means development all the way. It is a steady ship sailing on which we can transform ourselves to the best levels.

‘Uttaran’ is the sum total of peace, prosperity, love, strength, and salvation above all. It is the prismatic reflection of mental and physical bliss. If each person inhabiting the creation is happy, then only we can achieve a life devoid of peril and stress in this beautiful world.        

Only a peaceful disposition and a serene surrounding can enable the human being to lead a quality life, a composed life, constituting of all the necessary requisites. It enhances the mental and physical tenacity among the living beings; hence, increasing productivity in whatsoever they perform. This way, they acquire wealth and health, which thus lead to prosperity. Love plays a pivotal role in ‘Uttaran’. Love is a great balancing agent, especially where the society has been broken into fragments by baseless discrimination created by and for people. Caste, creed, religion, status and sex are dust in comparison to the immortal life. True humanity and its graceful feelings can be inculcated only through love. ‘Uttaran’ provides us with immense strength, both mental and physical, to fight and bid an end to whatever is evil and unjust. ‘Uttaran’ also enables us to get rid of tension, stress, complacency, problems and other odd thoughts that weaken our inner selves and erode our confidence. It puts an end to our greed, desire, anger and pride.    

Stepping upwards through the ladder gifted by Uttaran’ can invariably takes us to the zenith of glory and satisfaction. By infusing all the good human qualities, it creates a new, refined human being out of each follower.