Unveiling Maa Shree
Aum Shree Brahmaswarupe Namo Namahm




‘Supreme’ can be the only word suited to describe ‘Maa Shree’ if at all one wants to. It shall otherwise be a futile effort to enumerate ‘her’ in speech. Her divine grace, unconfined supremacy, limitless power, benevolent disposition and unparallel innocence speak of ‘her’.

‘Maa Shree’ is as high as the mountain, as deep as ocean, as free as air. ‘Her’ paramount presence can turn enmity into friendship; one can extract an undefined joy and experience unconditional love for others. ‘She’ is the one who carries the God-sent qualities and distributes equally among the dwellers on the earth, at the same time takes away the vices and chastises them with her divine wand. She is God sent and she is ‘Maa Shree’.

Different followers think differently about ‘her’ gracious presence. After a hard day’s labor, ‘her’ majesty gives some feeling of a holiday, where one has everything and every moment to enjoy with the flavor of universal consciousness.

Some have opined that ‘her’ auspicious-self provides such peace and relief that one had never experienced before. Others feel that they get answers to various questions whenever they are in ‘her’ proximity. Some feel that they have been relieved of tremendous strain and exhaustion.  They find themselves, as if, under a shady banyan after they were strained taking a huge journey. Some believe they have been raised to a great height whenever they are connected to ‘her’ majestic powers. ‘She’ empowers one to drives away all the fear and negativity out of her or him.

‘She’ says that each and every individual is a part of God as all are God-sent. We just need to believe and have faith in the almighty and ourselves. But we are unable to create a connection with the almighty, the universal consciousness, in every sphere of life. We need a bridge for easy connection and access to the consciousness; sooner we have, better for us. That bridge shall solve all our problems and relieve us of our anxiety and tension. More we are connected to that medium of access, better for us. The more we maintain the connection, the better yield we reap.

“Just believe and keep faith, the remaining shall be done automatically;
and you will be the doer, not knowing how….………” Maa Shree